Is the Government ready to implement volunteers’ projects?

On June 11, 2015, The National Defence Foundation held a presentation of one of the most important and ambitious projects”Mobile barracks”.

The object was designed and implemented in cooperation with the manufacturer “New ARC”. It is a mobile transformable module that can be quickly deployed as a military field base and create comfortable conditions anywhere, including the war zone.

“When transporting the module is a standard 40-foot container which area increases to 65-80 m² after deployment. The time required for deployment is 90 minutes,” emphasizes Pavlo Khazan, the expert on national security and state-building.


“After the presentation in Dnipropetrovsk for national and regional mass media, we brought this wonderful house to one of the exhibitions of military industry in Kyiv, where for several days it  collected applause of Ukrainian, American, Swedish, Polish and Canadian military servants, diplomats and volunteers. This object is designed with application of green technologies and allows significant heat and electricity saving, it has a recuperation system, LED-lighting, and many other modern systems.

For more than 6 months this house has been staying in the courtyard of command of Army Forces of Ukraine located on the Degtyarevskaya st., 19 in Kyiv.


The project was implemented with the help of the sponsors of the Foundation, its cost is 3.5 million hryvnia (for three modules). We have not receive a cent of the state funds!


And now the major question is why management of the Ministry of Defense still has not found time to take an already designed project, which is modern, environmentally friendly, efficient and inexpensive, and implement it in Ukrainian Army?


I’m sure that the soldiers of 53rd brigade, who are located in Shyrokyi Lan, would have been fully satisfied with such conditions. The state funding should to spent effectively, we should take care of our soldiers as much as governments of Israel or the United Kingdom care for their armies.

Shyrokyi Lan became known due to active position of military servants.

But how many more places there are where Ukrainian soldiers and officers are living in inhumane conditions? Yet army continues to spend a lot of money for capital constructions and fortifications that nobody uses.

We are ready to provide all necessary documents for the implementation of the project at national level. But I want to stress again that defense is a direct function of the government and state agencies – not charities and volunteers,” states Pavlo Khazan.