Statement by the Foundation

    A Call To Everyone Who Is Not Indifferent To Ukraine’s Fate.

There is a harsh and pitiless war going on in our country. For us, it is a struggle for survival. We have started our work in the first days of war and up to date we have provided those affected by war with help that amounts to thousands of millions of UAH. The nonprofit organizations, charities and volunteers have to take care of the majority of problems our country is faced with, because the government system is blocked by war and for the most part remains corrupt.

In this situation we strive not only to deliver material help to those in need, but to reform the government system itself. We are doing everything possible to ensure that the government institutions start working transparently and efficiently. We are proposing to introduce, as soon as possible, the system under which the civil society would have control over the government institutions. Only united would we be able to overcome the enemy and to build a strong and prosperous Ukraine. We continue asking people to help us defend our country by donating to the Foundation. Glory to Ukraine!