Gratitude to benefactors

War takes away most precious for all of us: son from the mother, a loved one from his wife, father from a child. Our family and beloved are on the barricades, in the trenches, at checkpoints, courageously confront the enemy in fierce fighting. Sometimes they have to defend themselves with a bulletproof vest for two, sometimes to have fresh porridge for dinner. But they know that they cannot retreat – all the Ukraine relies on them.

Family is not the only one to support, to love, to protect, but also the strangers who are willing to give their last piece of bread for their compatriot’s life. Our men are fighting for each of us. And each your contribution has become a charm from a bullet, from hunger, from the insidious attacks. Thank you on behalf of every mother whose son defends the Homeland, on behalf of the wife and the children who daily pray for the return of her husband and their father. Together we will overcome all the difficulties. Thank you for your understanding.