Volunteers of the National Defense Foundation received an annual volunteer award “Euromaidan SOS”

It has become a good tradition that on November, 30 “Euromaidan SOS” invites volunteers from all over Ukraine to present Volunteer Awards. It does not mark the best (which is simply impossible to do) – volunteers get together to thank all the people who support volunteer movement and are involved in volunteering in Ukraine and abroad.

More than 80 volunteers from Ukraine and abroad were nominated for the award. All of them conduct daily intensive work to bring positive changes in our country.

This year volunteers of the National Defense Foundation Natalia Khazan and Olga Golubeva have also received “Euromaidan SOS” award. Symbolic award exposing an angelthat holds a tryzub (national coat of arms) and ahand made commendation certificate prepared by children.

Congratulations to Natalia and Olga! The National Defense Foundation is proud of you, girls!