Ukrainian representatives participated in conference «Trolls of the 21st century: Kremlin inside the Western media» organized by European Parliament

On December 9, the European Parliament held the Conference «Trolls of the 21st century: Kremlin inside the Western media». Members of the European Parliament, civil activists and experts from Europe attended the conference. The main topic of the conference was the impact of Kremlin propaganda on public opinion in Europe. Members of European Parliament are concerned about the fact that Russia’s totalitarian system holds major propaganda broadcast, fills up the media with huge amount of fake information and lies.

Ukraine was represented by two participants: Yevhen Fedchenko, head of School of Journalism at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and the founder of StopFake website, and Pavlo Khazan, expert on information security.


“Russian separatist radio and television channels operate in Ukraine openly and freely. Ukrainian citizens residing in areas close to the demarcation zone often can watch and listen to dozens of high quality TV and radio channels. At the same time signal strength and quality of the Ukrainian TV channels and radio stations are very poor. Moreover, in some areas controlled by Ukrainian government repeaters broadcast anti-Ukrainian media in the VHF band (FM)”, claimed Pavlo Khazan, expert on informational security, in his speech at the Conference.

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Rebecca Harms, Co-Chair of the Greens/EFA in the European Parliament, summarizing the conference, noted that the fight against Russian propaganda primarily requires development of independent media, which would provide systematic and objective information. Mrs Harms believes that current Ukrainian medias still largely depend on their owners.

Rebecca Harms supports Ukraine in the fight for democracy. She was supporting Ukrainians during Maidan. Well-known European politician Rebecca Harms collects documents and materials on human rights violations, persecution of civil activists, and lawless actions of Ukrainian law enforcement agencies.