Stets is leaving, separatist radio outside the ATO is staying?

“The Minister of the Ministry of Information announced resignation and reported on the results of activities in a year at the position. But the “Novorosia” radio continues to work on the Ukrainian territory. Why Yurii Stets did not pay attention to this fact?” questions Pavlo Khazan, expert on national security and state-building, in his address to the media.

It has been several months since the Ukrainian media space was shocked with the Pavlo Khazan’s post on his Facebook page. After another trip to the ATO zone he said that “Novorosia” radio is confidently and efficiently broadcasted on Ukrainian territory.

“Broadcast of separatist radio is a strategic problem that the government must resolve”, emphasized Pavlo Khazan, expert on state-building and national security, several months ago.

“While working on the signals system in the ATO zone, we decided to scan the civil ultra short band (FM radio). We were shocked with the results! The radio “Novorosia” has a confident and qualitative broadcast not only in the ATO zone, but also outside of it. Just 145 km away from Dnipro – and you can hear how beautiful and wonderful the life in DNR is and how tight their relations and friendship with North Osetia are.

I want to emphasize that these are not short wave stations, this is ultra short band! And it is not difficult to find the location of the source in technical terms at all, and it also doesn’t take much time. It seems like there’s no will to extend the broadcast of Ukrainian TV and media to these areas,” expressed his opinion Pavlo Khazan, expert on nation-building and national security, in his interview to the radio “Vesti” in September.

Pavlo Khazan warned that the information issue is a question of national security. He repeatedly claimed itin TV and radio interviews.

“And there are two ways to approach this problem: technical and socio-political. The second one is much more complicated. We know and we understand that today there is a big problem with Ukrainian propaganda in the ATO zone. Indeed, 80% of the broadcast ishigh quality Russian and pro-Russian radio and TV channels. Ukrainian channels broadcast in very poor quality and not at all territory of the ATO, actually almost nowhere. Therefore, people living in Ukraine, close to the front,do not feel that Ukraine is their country.”

“18 video clips, 15 articles and 3 films in the foreign media, which were reportedby the Ministry as a result for the year of activitiesisprobably good. I do not know how many negative stories and articles about Ukraine wereissued in this time. I talk toforeign politicians and experts. All of themare saying that there is too little information about our country in Europe and the US, moreover, it is mainly generated by the pro-Russian media, that is absolutely negative and appears in connection with some scandalous events. This, as you can imagine, does not help to create a positive image of Ukraine”, said Pavlo Khazan.