«Propaganda based on the cultural heritage of the nation will give quick and positive results»Pavlo Khazan


“A lot of people in our country can not self-identify themselves as Ukrainians. They do not understand that they live in Ukraine, a state that has its own Constitution, laws, its own national anthem and flag. And it really terrifying. Therefore, when Russian troops came, people did not consider them to be invaders,” said the expert on nation-building and national security Pavlo Khazan at the TV program.

“Propaganda – not always imposing. Propaganda may be correct and educational. The components of such propaganda are real information and cultural component of the nation (music, literature, theater, etc.). We need to build it on the rich cultural promotion platform of our people. The worst thing used by the hostile party is a monstrous transformation of love to the motherland into the love of ruling the tops, to the leaders. It has terrible consequences, people stop to thinking and analyzing the situation,” warns the expert.

“Society in the currently occupied areas has been being prepared by the enemy since long ago. The brains of the citizens were under influence, being filled with the information, which carries genuine national threat. The lack of real Ukrainian news, television and radio programs, books and the press – all this hashad a huge role in the anti-Ukrainian program. The active work in this direction has showed the results. This has become a significant cause of loss of the territories,” said Pavlo Khazan.

“I must say that what is broadcasted by Russian and pro-Russian radio stations isradically hostile propaganda. After listening to it aperson begins to hate everything not onlythe whole Ukrainian, but also European and American society. In the absence of counter information this becomes a real national threat,”- said the expert.

“The Ministry of Information has to develop a strategy and work in this direction, it would be good to travel along the front line and holda full monitoring of the info space. In fact, it does not require much time and resources to fix the situation. There are many professionals who are willing to help on volunteer basis. The main thing is to unite the efforts of the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior Affairs, volunteers, cultural experts. As the information war is not less important than the war on the battle field,” summed up the expert on nation-building and national security Pavlo Khazan.