40 years ago one of the first trully non-governmental independent environmental organizations in the USSR emerged in Dnipropetrovsk

We, who grew up without the USSR diagnosis, can barely imagine that once the country has not talked about the environment, the protection of nature, emissions and specifically did not create NGOs that would be involved in these issues.

It took 40 years from the time when bold and progressive young activists led by Victor Khazan created probably the first independent environmental group “Seminar on okruzhayuschey environment” (SOS) in the USSR. It was the group which over the years become one of the basis for the Ukrainian Ecological Association “Zelenyi Svit” (UEA ZS).

“Even then, I had a clear idea ofwhat an ​​independent democratic public organization should be. In my opinion this should have been a structure where on a regular basis active volunteers, caring people of all ages and skills would have an opportunity to develop strategies and tactics on environmentally friendly development. Where we could educate population nd actively engage society in this movement, be an effective mediator between the government and society”, shares memories first deputy chairman of UEA ZS Victor Khazan.

“Using my mother’s old typewriter I wrotethe Charter of Dnipropetrovsk”Zelenyi Svit” (Green World), which we discussed, adopted and started to look for ways of official registration. Only in the beginning of 90s Valery Pustovoitenko, Chairman of Dnipropetrovsk city council,wrote straight on the Charter that he registers it. So, our «SOS» in a new and much larger format turned to “Zelenyi Svit” (Green World). Then there was the Congress of Ukrainian Ecological Association “Zelenyi Svit”where we started membershio in some time. Subsequently we manged to joina most powerful international association “Friends of the Earth” as the representative of Ukraine. Later «Zelenyi Svit» participated in the creation of the Green Party of Ukraine, faced victories and defeats, and became one of the founders of the Green Party of Europe,” says Victor Khazan.

Today it is difficult to imagine any sphere of human activity without environmental component. The work started by Victor Khazan and his colleagues in the 70s was extremely important, and today it is necessary to continue and develop.

We greet our “Greens” with the 40th founding anniversary of the first non-governmental organization. We wish development and let the green world surround you!