Joint project of the National Defense Foundation and Burn Centre is completed


Today we have finalised big joint project of the National Defense Foundation and Burn Centre of Dnipropetrovsk city hospital No.2. In terms of the project the medical institution was equipped with modern medical appliances and tools.

The project was supported by the Government of Sweden with 2.65 million UAH of financial aid allocated for procurement of surgical equipment for Dnipropetrovsk Burn Centre.

 In June, 2015 the Foundation and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Swede signed an Agreement to provide assistance to those who were injured in the ATO zone.

 Within the project the following items of equipment were procured for the surgical department: modernultrasonic diagnostic system with detectors, modern surgery table and electrocoagulation device, optics with the special lighting system, premium quality surgical instruments.







“We haven’t had such equipment yet. It will help us to conduct more surgeries, and also decrease the workload on surgery team. During this year we had to have many of those who were injured in the East of Ukraine, therefore this equipment is extremely valuable now! We feel amazing support from charitable foundations and volunteer organisations which we have never experienced before, even from the government”, says Sergey Slesarenko, MD, head of the burn centre.

 The National Defense Foundation has been helping a lot to medical institutions. we have paid specific attention to the Burn Centre as a lot of injured in ATO zone have received treatment here. We are continuing work in their direction and many countries are ready to support us”, stressed Natalia Khazan, volunteer of the Foundation.

 The Foundation was dealing with all the issues concerning procurement, customs, certification and delivery of the equipment. Upon the request of the National Defense Foundation representatives all providers made reasonable discounts for the equipment which allowed to procure new surgical tools as well.