Commendatory Letter from 20th Area Defense Battalion

  1. Certificate of Commendation from Charitable Foundation “Aid of Dnipro”
  2. Certificate of Appreciation from the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of Ceasefire
  3. Diploma of participation in exhibition and forumPeople’s Defense “MVP EXPO 2015” (June 26-27, 2015)
  4. Commendatory Letter fromHead Department of MilitaryCounterintelligence of Security Service of Ukraine
  5. Commendatory Letter from 26th United State SpecialTransport Service Detachment (military unit Т0120)
  6. Certificate of Commendation from tank squadron of 58thSeparate Mechanised Infantry Brigade
  7. Certificate of Commendation from 21th Separate Brigade of Civic Order guard (Kryvyi Rih) of National Guard of Ukraine
  8. Commendatory Letter from military unit 3054 of National Guard of Ukraine
  9. Commendatory Letter from military unit А3438
  10. Commendatory Letter from military unit А4465
  11. Commendatory Letter from military unitfield post service В3765
  12. Certificate of Appreciation from 74th Separate Reconnaissance Battalionof Armed Forces of Ukraine(military unit В0136)
  13. Certificate of Appreciation from the 43rd Separate Mechanised Infantry Battalion (military unit В0829)
  14. Commendatory Letter from military unit В1252
  15. Commendatory Letter from 16th Separate Army Air Force Brigade (military unit В3765)
  16. Certificate of Commendationof 299th Brigade of Tactical Aviation, 114thBrigade of Army Aviation(military unit В2137 and В3765) and “International Airport “Dnipropetrovsk” LLC
  17. Certificate of CommendationSignals andIT Departmentof Naval Forces of Armed Forces of Ukraine
  18. Commendatory Letter from Military Unit 3036 of National Guard of Ukraine
  19. Commendatory Letter from Head Department of State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Dnipropetrovsk oblast
  20. Certificate of Commendation for support in organisation of a charitable concert frominternational program “Eurostudent”, Customs and Finance University and project “Youth voice TV”
  21. Certificate of Commendation 5 Battalion TacticalTask Force “Kremin”(military unit В2749)
  22. Commendatory Letter frompublic service institution “Dnipropetrovskmunicipalclinic hospital №2”
  23. Certificate of Appreciation from Separate Special Tasks Battalion “Nikhto Krim Nas” (Noone But Us)
  24. Certificate of Commendation from Department of Logistical Support of Voluntary Corps“Pravyi Sector” (Right Sector)
  25. Commendatory Letter from Anti-Terroristic Group in Sector “M”
  26. Commendatory Letter from public healthcare institution“Telman Center of State Medical Service” of Telman rayon council(Donetsk oblast)
  27. Commendatory Letter from Dnipropetrovsk Eparchy of Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv Patriarch
  28. Certificate of Commendation from the First Voluntary Mobile Hospital named after Mykola Pirohov
  29. Certificate of Commendation from “Cyborgs” of 74thSeparate Reconnaissance Battalion
  30. Commendatory Letter from Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Clinic Hospital named after I.Mechnikov

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