The National Defense Foundation handed modern medical equipment to Dnipropetrovsk Burn Center

Within the joint project of the Foundation and the Burn Center of Dnipropetrovsk City Hospital #2 Pavlo Khazan, the Chairman of the Foundation, together with Boris Filatov passed another batch of equipment – a modern system of ultrasound diagnostic with sensors.


“This unique device allows us to make precise studies, which can significantly reduce the operation, this is the only model in CIS countries. Our specialists are ready to work with such equipment, they have very high level of training. We strive to ensure that each doctor on duty directly could make accurate diagnosis and decide what is needed for each specific case. During the period of the war more than 250 combatants became out patients, everyone managed to save the limbs. All equipment provided by the Foundation is unique, asin was created with account of our suggestions and specifications we had presented,” said Serhii Sliesarenko, MD, the head of the Burn Center.

“Today we have taken another step in our project and handed over the modern system of ultrasound diagnostic with sensors, costing more than 40 000 dollars. We were able to implement this project with financial support from the Swedish Government and I believe that such international projects must be developed. This equipment will halp to saved and more people,conduct more complex operations. Students of Professor Sliesarenko will be able to learn how to work with such equipment at home, not somewhere abroad, ” said Pavlo Khazan, Chairman of the Foundation.

“First of all I want to thank the Swedish Government for financial support to the project, I also owe tothe National Defense Foundation and Pavlo Khazan personally for the assistanceprovided to the Burn Center and the country in the whole. The fact that the Foundation implements such projects reflects the high level of confidence of European countries to the charitable organization. I know that the Foundation will work in the future, helping people and our defenders,” atressed Borys Filatov.


We would like to remind that the a joint project of the Foundation and the Burn Center of Dnipropetrovsk City Hospital #2 of equipping hospital with modern medical equipment is still in operation. The project is implemented with the support of Swedish Government, which has allocated 2.65 million UAH for procurementof modern surgical equipment for Dnipropetrovsk Burn Center.


In June this year, the National Defense Foundation and the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs signed an agreement to provide assistance to victims ATO.